Texas Water and Wastewater Treatment Services

Lone Wolf Technologies has provided unsurpassed water and wastewater treatment services in Texas, including Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and the Dallas-Fort Worth area, since 1996. We assist companies in the commercial, manufacturing, and industrial sectors with all of their water and wastewater treatment needs. If you require a new water treatment system, construction, design, or installation, we’re here to help. In addition, we offer technical services 24/7 to ensure we can provide you with the service you need. Learn more about the water treatment services we offer throughout Texas below.

Texas Water Treatment Programs

We take the time to determine what your exact operating specifications are and develop a water treatment program that is tailored to your Texas-area water treatment facility’s needs. We take special care to combine cost-effective solutions with simple use.

Water Treatment Chemicals

We also supply the latest chemical innovations for use in water treatment, as well as our proprietary water treatment chemicals. Each chemical solution we carry is specifically designed to optimize your water treatment equipment’s performance. Our solutions also prolong your equipment’s life cycle when used in conjunction with our integrated cooling tower and boiler treatment programs.

Water Treatment Equipment

As a water treatment equipment supplier, we offer a diverse selection of the latest and greatest customizable water and wastewater treatment systems and equipment. That’s thanks to the large selection of equipment manufacturers that we represent.

Water Treatment Consulting

We also serve as consultants. If you’ve noticed a dip in facility efficiency or are considering incorporating new chemical treatments or equipment into your existing water treatment facility, our consultants can help.

Water Treatment Maintenance

Our company can also help you develop a proper preventative maintenance and service program for your water treatment facility, systems, and equipment. This prolongs the life of your systems, improves facility efficiency, and saves you money in the long run.

Water Treatment Operator Training

We also offer in-classroom and on-the-job water treatment operator training throughout Texas.

Whatever your Texas water and wastewater treatment service needs may be, Lone Wolf Technologies can provide you with cost-effective solutions to any issues that may occur. Contact us today to learn more.