Lone Wolf Technologies is a Manufacturer’s Representative for several equipment manufacturers which allows us to offer a diverse selection of the latest high-quality water treatment equipment from manufacturers that stand behind their products and offer excellent after sale support. Every system is designed to extend the life of your equipment, minimize operational headaches and meet your budgetary requirements.

Boiler and Cooling Tower Equipment:

Water Softeners
Boiler and Cooling Tower Controllers/Probes/Water Meters/Etc.
Boilers/Cooling Towers
Feed Water Tanks

Purification Equipment:

Reverse Osmosis
Ion Exchange
Membrane Filtration
Water Softeners
Water Recycle and Reuse

Waste Water Treatment Equipment:

Automatic Batch Treatment WWT Systems
Continuous Precipitation WWT Systems
Ion Exchange Systems
Oil Water Coalescing Separators
Filter Presses Clarifiers
Sludge Dryers

Lone Wolf Technologies can put together a physical or chemical treatment system for your water or wastewater requirements. Wherever feasible, we develop our wastewater treatment systems to recycle your wastewater. Through our on-site evaluation and a water analysis, we can recommend a system that will treat your water or wastewater that will meet the needs of your facility.

We also can oversee the design, construction and installation of your complete wastewater treatment system.

Gas boilers


Chemical Emergency:

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