Adequate treatment or pretreatment before discharge to a POTW is important to prevent toxic, corrosive, flammable or explosive wastes from damaging the collection system, the treatment plant, the operators of these facilities, as well as the public which lives, works or plays near these facilities. In order to control the discharge of industrial wastes into sewers, municipalities have adopted industrial waste ordinances which provide the necessary authority to require industrial pretreatment.

Training of your Waste Water Treatment Operators is part of a Lone Wolf Technologies chemical program. Depending on your Waste Treatment Operators’ needs, training can be on the job, classroom, or both. At the end of training we provide you with a written training manual specific to your waste treatment plant as a reference for your Waste Plant Operators.

Some of the topics covered in training are:

  • Three important reasons why waste water needs to be pre-treated.
  • Explanation of the chemistry being used in the waste treatment plant. Its operational purpose, parameters, limits, how it is fed and controlled as well as potential dangers.
  • Explanation of the wastewater treatment equipment in the plant. Its purpose, operational parameters, limits and potential dangers.
  • Combine the knowledge gained from waste water treatment equipment with the correct chemical program and application technology for effective waste treatment.
  • Calibration, cleaning and operating pH meters, ORP meters, metering pumps, etc.
  • Monitoring checklist for the Waste Treatment Operators.
  • Troubleshooting guide so Waste Treatment Operators can identify, isolate and correct any treatment problems should they arise.