Since 1996 Lone Wolf Technologies has been providing solutions to Industries’ water and waste water needs with innovative technologies that are “ahead of the pack”!

Welcome To Lone Wolf Technologies (LWT)

Lone Wolf Technologies is a water and wastewater treatment company serving industrial and commercial water and wastewater treatment applications. We utilize the latest chemical technologies and manufacture a complete line of proprietary water and wastewater treatment chemicals designed to self coagulate in clarification systems, enhance flows in cross flow filtration systems, and reduce wastes generated by waste treatment operations. All of our chemical treatment programs include regular scheduled technical service tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, each Technical Service Representative is on call 24 hrs a day for assistance with unexpected problems. Lone Wolf Technologies (LWT)‘s integrated water treatment programs protect the following type of equipment:

Systems Treated


Low/High Pressure Boilers

Water Tube Boilers


Cooling Towers

Chillers & Air Compressors


Chilled Water-HVAC

Hydronic Heating Loop


Once-Through Cooling

High-Purity Water Systems


Domestic Hot Water

Potable Water Supply


Pretreatment Through

Disposal Processes

As a chemical supplier, we have been exposed to many brands of wastewater treatment systems. Some of the most well known brands fail because the company manufacturing the system does not understand your process or your environmental objectives. Additionally, “after the sale” support is minimal at best. Lone Wolf Technologies is a Manufacturer’s Representative for Kontek Ecology. Kontek Ecology offers a diverse selection of the latest wastewater treatment systems that can be customized to meet your unique needs. Check out our equipment page to learn more about the 5 step process Kontek Ecology utilizes to build their treatment systems.

Lone Wolf Technologies is also available to assist you as an independent water and wastewater consultant. We can assist you with engineering new water and wastewater treatment systems, updating existing systems and incorporating energy savings, water reuse and zero liquid discharge where ever possible. We can also help you decipher chemical treatment program quotes and reports so they can be compared on an apples to apples equal basis. The goal being, to minimize the confusion on what is and is not required all the while taking plant expansion and future environmental regulations into consideration. Other consulting services you can take advantage of include: employee technical & refresher training, treatability testing, system inspections, site surveys, to name a few.

Lone Wolf Technologies, Inc. (LWT) Will help you achieve the following goals:

  • Assured Continuous Operation

  • Improved Productivity

  • Reduced Utility Costs

  • Environmental-Responsibility

  • Conserve Water & Energy

  • Extend Equipment Life

  • Minimize Risk & Liability

  • Ensure Employee Safety