Lone Wolf Technologies coagulants are aqueous solutions formulated to assist in the separation of finely dispersed solid particles in water and wastewater effluent. Our extensive product line of organic and inorganic coagulants as well as our proprietary products are all designed to destabilize colloids by neutralizing the forces and charges that keep them apart. Once neutralized the particles will no longer repel each other and are brought together as larger particles. Once the particle’s size is increased so is the mass thereby increasing the particle’s settling speed in a gravity clarifier. 

Lone Wolf Technologies has coagulants for use in wastes containing low solid concentrations or where high levels of oils and surfactants may be present. Our product, LWT-9450 is extremely effective in treating photoresist and strip/develop wastes as well as developing suspended particles from colloidal complexes, dispersed particles, and removing color.


Lone Wolf Technologies represents several major flocculant manufacturers and thus has a wide choice of anionic, cationic and nonionic flocculants designed to agglomerate the smaller coagulated particles and form a larger floc that settles better in conventional or batch treatment systems.