One of the most important aspects of assuring your waste treatment systems is operating at its peak performance is the service you receive from your suppliers.
Lone Wolf Technologies provides routinely scheduled service calls, at no cost, to your facility as part of our chemical program. Each service programs frequency and service level is tailored to each clients specific needs. While this is not a complete list of the Services we offer; almost all service programs provide the following as a minimum.

Review of waste treatment plant operations with Waste Plant personnel.

  • What’s working well?
  • What’s not working well enough?
  • What areas do you need more assistance/education?
  • What future issues do you foresee?
  • New treatment alternatives

Review of chemical usage and inventory
Visual inspection of equipment, metering pumps, controllers
Cleaning and calibration of pH and ORP sensors
Troubleshooting chemical or equipment issues
Treatability jar testing of new or experimental process chemicals
Jar test evaluation of new treatment alternatives as they become available
Re-training Waste Plant Personnel
Safety awareness of chemicals being used

We make every attempt to develop a Service Plan that meets all of our customers’ requirements. Our Service Plans are flexible and moldable assuring waste treatment remains in compliance even in the event of a change in business operations by our customer.