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The development of a proper cooling tower water treatment program is imperative, as it helps you maintain the clean and efficient operation of your cooling towers, chillers, evaporative condensers and air compressors. These systems provide either process cooling for manufacturing or air conditioning for buildings. Mineral and/or biofilm deposits can cause increased energy costs or even downtime, (i.e., a 1/64” bio-film translates into a 30% increase in energy costs).

Lone Wolf Technologies, Inc. (LWT)’s application-specific cooling tower water treatment programs are engineered to fit your equipment, operating conditions and water quality. Our treatment programs are designed to provide the best scale and corrosion protection, in concert with bacterial control, (Legionella and other bio risks). In partnership with you, our cooling water programs can; 1) reduce utility costs 2) provide protection against bio-films and pathogens, 3) prolong equipment life, and 4) reduce downtime.


Products that provide superior inhibition in scale and corrosion in any water. These products are specifically formulated for your cooling tower system, water and operation.


Alternating-product programs that utilize the latest bromine products to provide protection against biofilm, algae and other biologicals that retard efficiency, shorten equipment life and increase the possibility of Legionnaire’s disease.


Products that are utilized to alternate with our oxidizing products. Specific biocide selection is dependent upon: types of bacteria that are present in your water, your discharge regulations, your equipment specifics and your operating conditions. When applied properly, our alternating-biocide programs provide clean, biologically- minimized systems.


Lone Wolf Technologies, Inc. (LWT) is also a market leader at engineering application-specific Integrated Treatment Technologies Programs (ITTP), developed to reduce/minimize the use of chemicals, if possible. (ITTPs combine specialized non-chemical treatment technologies with filtration and/or chemical supplements.

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Closed Loop Systems are designed to supply either hot or chilled water to a heat exchanger, and then return the water to the point of origin and then repeat the process. Regardless of how the system is designed, it will need the following protection.


Lone Wolf Technologies, Inc. (LWT) offers a comprehensive line of closed loop treatments that give you a sure defense against closed loop corrosion, fouling and microbiological growth. Our product line includes a wide array of corrosion inhibitors to prevent corrosion to all system metals, including ferric and yellow metal components.


Even though the system is closed, microbiological attack can occur. Lone Wolf Technologies, Inc. (LWT)’s closed loop biocides control bacteria populations, including aerobic bacteria and anaerobes like sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB).


Filtration of closed loops can enhance performance, reduce chemical consumption and reduce periodic maintenance by removing impurities from the system. Filtration systems can be either full-flow or side-stream, (which can reduce the cost of filtration equipment). Lone Wolf Technologies, Inc. (LWT) offers a variety of application-specific filtration options, including a complete line of filtration equipment for closed loops, including bag and cartridge filter housings and replacement media. (Bags & cartridges capable of removing particles down to less than 0.5 microns are also available.)

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