Metallurgical Viability, Inc. Robert R. Odle, Ph.D. A flexible technologist and businessman with experience in nonferrous metals, hazardous waste management, specialty chemicals, and industrial waste water treatment.  Specializing in process economics, material and energy balances, and process flowsheet development.  Especially strong in recycling and reclamation of metals from wastes, residues, and by-products.

D.E.I. Inc., Tom Drygas, an excellent EH&S professional that will save you time by doing the job right the first time. Contact him for Environmental Compliance, RISK Analysis, RCRA, or RMP issues, at

MSDS Rx., Material Safety Data Sheet management software featuring the acclaimed EndUser MSDS™ worker-friendly format – relieves the compliance burden while providing truly effective Hazard Communication. MSDS Rx is proud to produce MSDS for Lone Wolf Technologies, Inc.