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Inks, Dyes and Coatings

Color removal for organic and inorganic dyes, coatings and Inks within minutes. No Alum, No Lime, No Ferric, No pH Adjustment, No Filter Press Precoat, No Yellow Final Color, No Smell, No wet Filter Cake – Dry Filter Cake, No Messy Filter Press to Clean

Reverse Osmosis

Lone Wolf Technologies antiscalants are multicomponent formulations that permit higher RO system recovery rates and reduce cleaning frequency. Our antiscalants inhibit scale while also dispersing colloidal particles. The inhibition and dispersant properties help extend system run times, reduce cleaning frequency and increase the productive life of RO elements.


Aqueous solutions for stabilizing precious and heavy metal ions in soils, waste treatment sludges, fly and bottom ash, foundry slags, mine tailings, incinerator ash, sediments and other solids. Our stabilization products can be administered at almost any point and at almost any pH. Complete distribution of the chemistry is achieved by mixing the solids. Our products are effective in stabilizing metals as well as removing them from almost any solution, (like leachate) in a stabilized state. Our stabilization products will not increase the volume of the material being stabilized so transportation, disposal and/or recycling costs will be less than those stabilized with dry chemicals. Additionally, since the volume of material remains unchanged, the final metal concentration of the stabilized material will be higher.

Oily Waste Waters

Lone Wolf Technologies has designed an entire series of products for the treatment oily waste waters. These products provide a comprehensive approach to oily water treatment. They include:

  • Oil-in-Water Demulsifiers

  • Coagulants

  • Flocculants

  • Sludge Thickeners

  • Flotation Aids

These compounds may be cationic, anionic or nonionic in character. The applications for Oily Waste Water treatment are Industrial Effluent Clarification, Industrial Water Pre-Treatment and Refinery Effluent Treatment.


Easily dispersed silicone emulsions and non-silicone antifoams designed to control foaming in industrial and commercial cooling water systems, air washers and wastewater treatment systems. All of our antifoams are fast-acting, long lasting, effective over a wide pH range, safe to handle and use, and most importantly economical to use.